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Growing Your Septic Business Revenue with Sump Alarm Product Lines 

Sump Alarm is a manufacturer of High Water Alarms and Float Switches.

Our business model is to use the internet to sell directly to installers like yourself, and keep only 1 re-seller between our company and the end user. This keeps our prices competitive, and keeps us closer to the customer. We feel by taking this approach we can offer the most value to you and your company, as well as to your customers. As buyers, we are all are just looking for solid value - we want reliable products at a fair price.

As a Septic Installer - we feel you could be a great partner. You have the relationships with customers, and your team is coming in contact with customers who need new products or replacement products on a daily basis.  You can offer our discounted products at market price and bundle them with their installation, carry them on your pumpers and offer them to every customer in every visit. Sump Alarm products can easily generate an additional $15,000 in revenues a year for your septic business.
You will not find another high level alarm with the same characteristics as our product anywhere on the web, and particularly not at the prices for which you as a licensed Septic System Installer can purchase them from us directly.

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As a Septic Installer / Partner:
  • Your minimum discount is 20% - every order you get 20% off 
  • After you spend $1000, your contractor discount increases to 25%
  • After you spend $2000, your contractor discount increases to 30%
  • After you spend $3000, your contractor discount increases to 35%

        The discounts are applied against the prices you see on our website - not some price list that you haven't seen.

        Additionally, everything you purchase from Sump Alarm:

        • Carries a minimum 3 year warranty. 5 Years on Alarms.
        • Is made for indoor and outdoor outdoor use
        • Doesn't require an electrical contractor, or a permit to be installed
        • Uses only solid state LED's for indication (no more bulbs)
        • Is mercury free (including the float switches)

          If your  interested... call us. You can reach customer service at 314-787-8059, or reach Scott (our owner) on his cellphone at 618-225-9028.

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