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Becoming a Partner FAQ's

a) how do I open an account? 

Easy. Click here and fill in the customer information. We will open the account for you. Too much work? Call us at 314-878-8059, we can do it over the phone while your driving.

b) how do I ensure that my discount is linked to the account? 

We take care of that. If you don't see it when you get to the checkout, click on the chat button. If we're not around you can still leave a message there.

c) how do we pay? Can we get payment terms?

NOT YET. You're eligible for payment terms after you have made $3,000 in purchases, and we have received and approved your credit application. After that we will give you 30 days - after which you can pay with a credit card. Our terms + Credit Card will provide your business with a 45-75 day delay between purchase and payment.

d) how do we place orders?

Two ways:

1) Call us - we will put together an invoice for you and send it to you electronically. You click on it, and check out.

2) Shop on the website. Once we have your account set-up your discount will be automatically applied at check out.

e) is there a price list?

Nope. But we can export our current prices from the website and send them to you. But when ours go down - yours go down..

f) What's my Discount

  • Your minimum discount is 20% - every order you get 20% off 
  • Your normal discount is 25% - for any order you place of $500 or more
  • The next tier is 30% for orders of $1500 or more 
  • Your maximum discount is 35% for orders of $2500 or more.

Free Delivery Within the US

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