We’re Here to Save Your Saturday

We’re Here to Save Your Saturday

Imagine your perfect Saturday..  What comes to mind? Maybe some fishing? Grilling out with your family? An afternoon of Big Ten games?

However you envision your perfect weekend, one thing is certain: it probably doesn’t include bailing water and sludge out of your basement after your sump or septic pump fails.

And despite the fact that no one would choose to spend their time doing cleanup after a pump failure, this is exactly how most people find out that it’s time to replace them--myself included.

So that’s the bad news--and if you’re not sure how bad that really is, try doing a Google Image search for “sump pump failure”.. Or “septic pump failure,” if you’re not planning to eat any time soon...

But what if there was a way to know well in advance of a failure? Far enough in advance to save your Saturday and have the pump replaced BEFORE the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan?And that’s the good news: that’s what SumpAlarm is here for.

Our Story (It happened to me..)

When my wife and I bought our house, we found the perfect spot--great neighborhood, great schools, great people... Just one problem: as it turned out, our house was pretty much the drainage basin for the whole subdivision.

And when our outdoor sump pump failed, it left our finished basement flooded and completely destroyed--we had to gut the entire thing.  There was so much water, it even pushed one end of our pool above ground level. Talk about ugly.

Next to the small fortune we spent on repairs, the worst part was how stupid I felt when I realized that the whole thing could have been avoided.

When a pump starts to go bad, the amount of electricity that it needs to do its job increases. This means you can measure when it’s time to replace a pump--BEFORE it costs you a fortune in flood damage. 

I started sketching out some plans, gathered the basic components, and the first SumpAlarm was born.

Our Story

Your best basement defender--Guaranteed

Since we released the first version to the public in 2009, SumpAlarms have saved over 312 weekends and defended basements against septic and sump pump failures across the world, from the arctic tundra of Alaska to the Florida Everglades and now we have friends across the pond.

How can one little device do so much? It’s simple: Quality.  To make sure you never lose sleep over the state of your pump, all SumpAlarms are made in America (right here in St. Louis) using components from US and “US friendly” countries. We hand-check every unit to be sure it meets our quality-specs before it ships to you.

And while we’re happy to report that no one has ever needed to take us up on it, if you’re not happy with your SumpAlarm, just pop it in a box and return it. We’ll take it back no matter where you’ve installed it--seriously.

Don’t be a stranger

Have questions? Not sure which SumpAlarm is right for you? Not sure if you need one at all? Get in touch!  Email Scott directly at: Scott@SumpAlarm.Com or give our team a shout at (314) 787-8059.

Don’t be a stranger