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Add Security to Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Alarms: Change Your Default Access Password

By necessity, all WiFi devices are shipped to consumers with default passwords. The default passwords for Sump Alarm are in the public domain and need to be changed when your installation is complete. When you log in to the unit by typing in your browser, this window appears:

 To do this, log on the Sump Alarm using the default passwords, and click on the tab that says "Account".  Type in a new username and password (5 characters or less) that only you know.  Notice it is not necessary to put them in two times. There is one field for the user name, and one for the password. Use a password that is alphanumeric without special characters. While the length

Sump Alarm Wi-Fi Enabled Sump Pump Septi Crawl Space Alarm

When complete, press SAVE. You will be prompted with the following screen to RESTART.   If you have other security parameters (such as connection security), you can skip this step and do one restart at the end of changing the AP security settings. If you do not RESTART the unit, the changes will not be saved.
sump alarm sump pump septic crawl space wifi

After the RESTART button has been pressed, it will take approximately 60 seconds (58 seconds to be exact..) before your Sump Alarm Wi-Fi enabled device has fully rebooted. 
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