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Sump Alarm "2L" WiFi Enabled In/Outdoor Low Water Alarm With Power Light and Conductivity Probes

Conductivity Probe Cord Length: 10 Feet
Voltage: 120 VAC
Sale price$ 294.99


Receive Voice, Text, or E-mail notifications before your sump or septic system overflows. Besides notifications when you are away, SumpAlarm™ indicates visually and audibly when a pump is not operating as it should by monitoring the water level and sounding an alarm when a high water or pump failure situation occurs. Server Side Battery Back-Up provides an alert when your unit is without power or internet. 

The large (1 inch) LED indicator light is visible from hundreds of feet away. When a high level alarm condition exists, a flashing red light and a 90db horn becomes active (this horn is directional, so please make sure you have it facing your home). Conductivity probes are recommended for use when the water is considered to be generally "clear" as opposed to water that is sewage or has significant floating debris.  The probes are accurate to 1/4" of water movement and avoid having additional moving parts in the sump. 

Place the probes, mount the head unit, plug in the unit, and the installation is complete. 

- Has external feet for customer mounting. 
- Includes wall anchors for head unit, zip ties for floats, and instructions. 
- It can be used in sump pumps, water tanks, lift stations, etc where water is generally clear
- Unit is made for high level alarm, low level alarms available on request 
- 110 Volt Units have a standard 6' cord with a 3 prong 120VAC US Plug

- 220 Volt Units have a standard 6' cord with a 3 prong 220VAC Plug
- Conductivity Probes are Available in 10', 16', and 30' lengths

This product can has multiple levels of security protection and can have a secure connection to your local router and uses another Sump Alarm developed proprietary encryption to send certain data.

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