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Level Sense Sentry

Sensor: Float Switch
Sale price$ 99.99


When pump fails to operate, our Level Sense Sentry detects high water level and sounds an alert with a 85dB horn. 

  • Free text & E-Mail notifications
  • 85dB horn
  • Apple and Android Apps
  • Supports multiple leak, float, and 3'rd party sensors

Level Sense Sentry:

  • Can connect to an unlimited amount of sensors into two inputs
  • Which provide E-mail and/or Text Message
  • Use any float switch and nearly any 3rd party sensor that gives a contact closure or analog input
  • Cloud enabled water/liquid level sensor. Get alerts when level crosses a set threshold. View status on the APP or website.
  • Inputs can be configured in the APPs or Website as Normally Open or Normally Closed to work with any sensor.
  • This SKU comes with (1) included float switch.
    • Additional float switches can be added by searching Amazon for ASIN B01A4RZULM
    • Additional leak sensors can be added by searching Amazon for ASIN B079YB1T8J
  • Level Sense Firmware now supports the following special characters in Wi-Fi Network name (SSID) and password: ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~

 You can find the newest user manual here:


The low profile float switch mounting bracket ensures that there will be no additional wires in the sump to inhibit proper pump operation.

Online access through's website will allow the user to:


  • Input the e-mail addresses and text number for notifications
  • Review the alarm history of up to the last 45 notifications
  • Structure which alarms go to Email notifications or Text Notifications
  • No service charges. Your cellular carrier must have an EMAIL2Text Gateway (most do).

Detecting Pump Failure through High Level Detection

In any case that there is a problem in the sump - there is one common result - the water level rises above the pump. Level Sense uses a custom designed bracket which detects the water level if it comes over the pump. Other systems use a tethered float switch which has a potential to get caught on the pump or the walls of the sump. The mounting method keeps this magnetic detection device clear and uninstructive of the operation of the sump. Notifications are sent out immediately upon high water detection to contacts of your choosing. There are unlimited email and text notification destinations.



iOS & Android Apps

Devices and Sensors can be set-up on the website or through mobile apps available for both Android and iOS. Your email and password will sync across devices, apps, and website for Single Sign On capability.


water leak detection

Lost Power Notifications

Level-Sense's Server Side Battery Back-Up means that if your device goes offline due to power or internet loss you will receive a notification.


Water Leak Condensate Detector

Magnetic Mount

Level Sense Sentry has internal magnets for quick mounting to metal surfaces in utility rooms .


Level Sense Sentry Wall Mount

Wall Mount

Level Sense Sentry can be wall mounted with included screws onto any wood surface.


pipe mount sentry

Pipe Mount

Sentry can be pipe mounted using the internal cable ties and anchors that are shipped with the unit.


Sump Pump Alarm Water leak detector.

Everything is Included

Sentry comes with an AC wall mount power supply, head unit, removable terminal block, a float switch, mounting bracket, cable ties, screws, pipe mount anchors, embedded magnets and a removable terminal block for easy wiring.

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