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"SinkWire" Float Switch Connection Kit: Stop Premature Float Switch Failure

Pack: 1
Sale price$ 9.99


The "SinkWire" Float Switch Connection Kit is a must for connecting any float switch where the wiring connection are subject to wet conditions. Many float switches fail because water enters the switch through the wiring. Using the "SinkWire" Float Switch Connection kit ensures that your float switch will last through the years.

Each Kit Contains:

  • (2) Black Shrink Wrap Connectors for "No-Connect" Wires 
  • (2) 9mm Black Shrink wrap tubing used water prevention over SO cord jacket
  • (4) 14-16 AWG Shrink Connectors for Single End to End Connections
  • (2) 10-12 AWG Shrink Connectors For Ground Wires, 2:2 or 1:2 Connections of Larger Conductors to Smaller Conductors.

Variations that include quantities of 10 or more will ship in bulk, with one set of instructions.

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