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Contact & Company Info

How You Sell to Market

We have a blog
Google Adwords
Yahoo / Bing Advertising
Affiliate programs
URL / Site Targeted Advertising
We do e-mail campaigns
We are mostly local, and use local selling
We are a distributor with an existing client base
We use comparison shopping engines such as Nextag, Pricegrabber, etc.
Print media such as Magazines, Newspapers, and Trade Publications
Radio / Television
Inside Sales Staff
Outside Sales Staff

How we Support You

High Water Alarms
Low Level Alarms
Float Switches
Wireless Products
Custom Alarms / Control Panels

- You understand that in certain cases we may ask for payment in advance until your credit (or your company’s credit) is established or verified. We’re from the “show-me” state, and trust is earned and not given. - You agree to pay for the product that we ship to you or on you or your company’s behalf within 15 days of product shipment, no excuses. We agree to refund you for any returned product within 15 days also. - You understand that all technical specifications on our products will be determined by Sump Alarm. We reserve the right to not fill orders if the technical specifications of your advertisement deviate from Sump Alarm specifications. - If we have a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) for a product and you or your company advertises our product for less than our MAP (Minimum Advertised Price), we stop filling your orders, and revoke your privileges to resell. Doesn’t matter if you’re Wal-Mart or a bait shop. - Resellers do not receive a commission on service plans unless otherwise agreed to in writing. - We want to know where you or your company is marketing our product. You agree to share that information with Sump Alarm. In Return - We provide product information, data feeds, pictures, and any other information required for the marketing. - Sump Alarm offers you discounted products. - We pack ship, ship and warranty the product. - We will provide social media marketing on occasion for your redistribution. - We make new products available to you as they come out.

I am Authorized to Agree, and we accept the terms and conditions.*
E-mail me a copy of these terms.