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"Sludge Boss Piggyback" Heavy Duty Float Switch for Suspended Solids (3120 Series)

Cord Length: 20 Foot
Sale price$ 79.99


Never Enter the Tank Again. SludgeBoss is made to Hang above the water level, and will orient anywhere. Septic, Sewage, or Water, SludgeBoss will invert with 6-8 inches of water movement.
  • Self Orienting, no tether or cable weight required
  • Piggyback Plug Turns Pump on when Water Moves above Float
  • Directly Controls pumps up to 1/2 HP at 120 Volts 
  • Up to 12 Amperes continuous or 13.3 Non continuous AC Amperage 
  • Environmental friendly (Mercury Free) 
  • Suitable for use in septic, sump, and potable water applications 
  • Built with a Honeywell Micro switch, rated for 100,000 operations 
  • Cable is Coated with PVC / Thermoplastic jacket 
  • Internally Contains a Stainless Steel Ball 
  • Five Year Field Warranty  
  • Constructed with non-toxic polypropylene 
  • Float dimensions are 4 in diameter and 6 in length, 2 lbs
  • Rated for indoor or outdoor use: operating temperatures 32 to 140F (0 to 60C) 
  • CE Marked, IP68 Rated, tested to IEC 60730-1 (08-2003) + IEC 60730-2-16 (08-2001) 

 This float switch is dedicated to empty only operations, such as keeping a tank or a sump empty. It activates a pump when the water level is high.



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