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Can you have an apostrophe in your network name or password?

Apostrophe in Passwords

If you're using an apostrophe in your wireless password or network name for (or Apple has done it for you) please take note of the following - there are at least 4 different types of apostrophe that are producible from any windows machine.

What's more, the apostrophe generated by hitting the button on the windows keyboard (which looks like this ' ), is different from the one produced when hitting the apostrophe on the mac keyboard (which looks like this  ). Take a look at the difference.

(MAC) David’s Sump Alarm vs. David's Sump Alarm(Windows)

If an apostrophe is used in the password, its necessary to discern which character it is: the windows apostrophe, or the MAC apostrophe. With some shenanigans, either platform can produce either symbol. Short story - if your a mixed home some Apple and some Windows Machines - its not worth the trouble.

Note that sump alarm WiFi devices, level-sense devices, or any other home automation devices are all basically the same. The hardware and chip-sets used in IoT devices can support an apostrophe (unlike the % and & characters) . It is necessary however to have the correct one.




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