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Wifi Freezer Alarm and Refrigerator Temperature Monitor – Wireless Hygrometer Freezer Thermometer with Sensor, Audible Siren and App Supported Notifications for Android and iOS Devices

Size: 4 Foot Sensor
Sale price$ 119.99


  • PRESERVE COLD INVENTORY with real-time notifications of freezer malfunctions from the Level Sense Freezer Sentry. This wifi temperature sensor and humidity monitor sends you an alert before produce and meats can spoil.
  • INTERNET-CONNECTED freezer thermometer with alarm sends text and email alerts to you via our exclusive app. Even if our wifi freezer alarm goes offline due to a power outage, our server sends a alert to your phone or email.
  • AUDIBLE 90 dB SIREN sounds from the wifi control box, perfect for homeowners who turn off their phones at night. Our temp monitor helps you salvage your wine collection or temperature-sensitive medicines.
  • INSTALLS IN MINUTES with a 4-foot temperature sensor that can hook onto wire fridge racks. The remote temperature monitor control box mounts externally on a wall or freezer side panel with 2-sided tape or included anchor screws.
  • VERSATILE, COST-SAVING Freezer Sentry Freezer Temperature Alarm can be used in homes, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. Reduce produce spoilage or preserve expensive cuts of meat and keep wine from turning to vinegar.

Real-Time Refrigeration Monitoring
Stop worrying about your inventory in the middle of the night or while away on a trip with the Freezer Sentry Wireless Freezer Alarm by Level Sense. This state-of-the-art wifi alarm for commercial, home and institutional use lets you step away with confidence. In the event of equipment malfunction or loss of power, Freezer Sentry alerts our monitoring platform. We then send text and email notifications to you so you can act quickly to move produce, meats or medications and contact repairmen.

Easy Spoilage Reduction
Freezer Sentry Wireless Temperature Monitor installs in under 5 minutes without tools or special expertise. Any homeowner or small business owner can hook the 4-foot or 10-foot sensor to a wire shelf inside the refrigeration unit and mount the exterior control box to the outside of the unit or on a wall with included hardware. Then download our iOS and Android compatible app and complete the notifications set-up. Breathe easy knowing that a freezer alarm alert when temperatures drop will help protect you from expensive inventory loss.

Always On-Guard
Unlike other internet connected thermometers, Freezer Sentry has no batteries to constantly change. It comes with an AC power supply. If it goes offline during a power outage, the dropped connection triggers an alert to you so you are never in the dark about your freezer or refrigerator status. Freezer Sentry is also equipped with a loud 90-decibel audible siren for those times when you are on the premises but not by your phone or computer.

Keep your fridge frosty and your food supply safe. Add Level Sense Freezer Sentry Smart Temperature Sensor to your cart today.


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