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3100 Series Piggyback Sump Pump Float Switch

Cable Length: 10 Foot
Action: Starts Pump on High Level
Sale price$ 31.99


Float switch

Know the Flow

Put your sump pump, water tank or sewage system on auto-pilot with the Waterboss Float Switch by Sump Alarm. This cable-mounted water level switch responds to the rise and fall of suspended solids, activating and deactivating your pump without any oversight from you.

  • Tethered float switch for sump pump control
  • 10-ft adjustable cable for a variety of uses
  • Piggyback plug for direct pump control
  • Light to medium amounts of suspended solids such as grey water
  • Honeywell microswitch rated for 1M+ cycles
  • For ½ HP or 13-amp non-continuous motors
  • Heavy-duty IP68 waterproof construction
  • Little to no oversight after installation

float switch use case

float switch for water tank

Rugged & Reliable

Sump Alarm’s WaterBoss is built to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh conditions.

  • Chemically resistant heavy-duty PP casing
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel ball
  • Self-lubricating armature
  • PVC jacketed cable
  • PP cable gland
  • IP68 waterproof
  • 32*F to 140*F

Reliable Pump Operation

The WaterBoss Float Switch for water tanks, grinder pumps and sump pits minimizes the potential for water damage and burned up pump motors with little to no oversight after installation. With its snap action design, this water sensor detects the level of liquid within a tank and acts as a switch to activate and deactivate the pump motor.

Rugged Construction

Sump Alarm uses premium components to make a frustration-free sump pump float switch that withstands exposure to extreme climates and harsh conditions. These include a heavy-duty float casing that is chemically resistant; corrosion resistant ball with self-lubricating armature; PVC jacketed tether; and a molded polypropylene cable gland.

Rated for Over 1M Cycles

The WaterBoss has an internal Honeywell microswitch that has been tested and rate for 1 million operations. Configured for emptying use only, WaterBoss with its piggyback plug for direction control of motors will activate your pump to run until liquid has drained to the appointed level. Then the switch will return to the off position.

U.S Based Technical Support
Sump Alarm float switches are manufactured in Argentina. We conduct quality control checks to ensure that your product will work as intended. With headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, we also offer USA-based technical support for our customers’ peace of mind.

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